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About Us

Simple Beginnings

Dutch Masonry LLC was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2007 by Mark Pluijmen. After studying the masonry trade and apprenticing in Holland for 6 years, Mark moved to Portland in 2005 and worked for a local masonry company as he came to understand the city of Portland and its residents. After doing so for only a few years, Mark ventured out on his own to form what is now Dutch Masonry LLC.

Growth and Commitment

From the beginning, Mark did everything in his power to ensure his business would be a success. He began by renting all of his tools and equipment, from a skill saw to scaffolding, until he could finally purchase equipment of his own (his very first purchase was a brick saw). From there, everything grew with time.

Mark didn’t take a vacation for 7 years, and answered every single phone call he could get. From as far east as Tillamook, as far north as Battleground, and as far south as Bend, Mark was going the distance to get the jobs that he could. During the economic recession of 2008, he pressed on, taking work for as little as 90 dollars with the notion that every project would help spread his name. It was this perseverance that made Dutch Masonry LLC into what it has become today.

Dutch Masonry Today

Fast forward 15 years, and the business is still going strong. With projects scheduled months in advance, Dutch Masonry LLC is busier than ever, working with those in both the residential and commercial industry. From custom chimney and patio work to small commercial projects, the business’ portfolio and skillset has expanded rapidly. Dutch Masonry’s unique approach to each customer’s demands has made it one of the top masonry companies both in Portland, and the surrounding suburbs.

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